Chess makes us smarter ! !


Recently became interested in chess. A mind game that helps you use your imagination and your creativity...
The only problem is that you haven't your friend to help
You certainly have some very useful skills and highly motivated, but fear that you wouldn't be given the chance to do it...
Here you will find everything you need about chess, because chess is not for clever people, but it makes us smarter!
Activates brain activity and through this process encourages us in a creative and fun way to use our brains.
Our motto is more than just a slogan. It is more than a mission statement.


Chess is lifestyle!


You are welcome to join us and make chess your lifestyle. The good news is that distance education from is the new model for acquire - with the power of modern technology - skills that will help to ensure success!


Welcome to our Academy!
Angelos Kesaris
Chief Editor


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