World cup

Many top grandmasters lose and were excluded during the first rounds of the World chess Cup; so many people around the world complain and set up their questions for FIDE Elo system…

Many believe that the ELO system is broken because the top chess players are playing only among themselves in order to keep their ratings inflated artificially high. Top grandmaster gave them a good excuse for this idea by losing from lower rated players. They have a strong reason to believe it because of the following results:


Mamedyarov (2797) lose in the 2nd round to Kuzubov (2688)

Anand (2794) lose in the 2nd round to Kovalyov (2649)

Karjakin (2780) lose in the 2nd round to Dubov (2666)

Wei Yi (2748) lose in the 2nd round to Rapport (2675)

Harikrishna (2741) lose in the 2nd round to Sethuraman (2617)


On the 3rd round many top players knocked out from lower rated players, like Carlsen, Caruana and Nakamura. However, the truth is always in the middle. Indeed some top rated players loses their games but shows how difficult chess is! World cup is a very tenacious and very competitive chess organization.


In the top level of chess you can try win with white pieces and you fight for the draw when you play black. This is a well-known strategy among the strong players. This happens because the chess preparation is extremely deep and sometimes it is even possible to lose from home preparation!


During the world cup one player plays two classical games, one with white and one with black. That been said, he has only one good chance to win the game, when he is playing white. Similarly he is in one “must win” situation, so he must take bigger risks which there are not necessary to take during another chess tournament. This creates a very tense situation and all three results, win, draw or lose are open. In any case some very cool games played during this year cup and I collected some for you. Please enjoy!









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