Hello world!

Hey you, what's up? Today I'm delighted. Why is that? Because after many years I have my own English website online! I was starting to write regarding chess many years ago, back to May 2010...


I remember that month I helped my chess team to win a local trophy. So, it was a nice moment for me to start writing on the internet. For that reason, I create my own blog and I do what I love most; write for chess.


After some years I have the idea to write more about chess. This game is fantastic and there are a lot of things to write about, isn't it?


I had the idea to publish free chess lesson, chess courses, news for chess, write for my local chess club and also offer chess privet coaching. As you can imagine it's really hard to organize these things in a single block, like blogger. Indeed blogger is a really cool free platform but I wanted more.


From poor block to website


For that reason, I start to experiment with Joomla. This is a great platform; we can call it CMS in order to be more accurate.


I had a hard time and I faced a lot of difficulties, however, I managed to become an expert on Joomla. After that, I created my first Greek websites on Joomla and after some months I delete it completely (!) in order to create it again.


You see if you like to improve on something you need to do "baby steps" and move forward very little each day. Thus, at the end of the month, we can improve ourselves and move forward. This is the right way to approach on chess. Chess is a marathon. And here I'm not talking only about rated classical tournaments.


If you like to improve on chess, then you should do it slowly. Our brain is a muscle and we need to train it every day and not for very long time. :-)


Why this website exists?


I create this website in order to help you improve your chess skills and mental power. There is a very famous quote, "if you think that you can achieve something or not, and then you are right”! You already know that it took me many years in order to achieve my goals, but I'm here today with you and you should be sure that you can achieve your own goals.


Waiting for your story…


If you follow my advice and follow my website then you can improve your chess for sure. You are very lucky because I'm an active chess coach and for that reason, I know exactly what I should tell you.



I'm running a chess club in my own town and kids really love chess and improve themselves every day. Thus, from today you have a chess teacher and a good English chess website in which you can improve yourself.


Last but not least, I like to share my happiness with you. You know if part of my life and I'll be happy to listen to your own next success story...


You can see my old block in Greek here.


You can see my active Greek website here.


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