This year’s World Youth Championship is being held at Al Ain in the UAE. The opening ceremony took place...

...on the 17th of December. There are about 1850 chess players which is a record number from 120 countries who are taking part in this even. The tournament will be held under 7 categories based on the ages of the boys and the girls who are participating in the competition. Al Ain is also known as the Garden City and the championship is being held inside the UAE University. The welcome speeches were delivered by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov who is the FIDE president and Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al-Nehyan who is the president of Asian Chess Federation. There was also a blitz game on 4 boards between GM Saeed and the Ukrainian Evgenij Miroshnichenko. The opening ceremony ended with a dance programme named Emirates.


The first day of the games was not broadcasted but the events from day 2 will be available live for the people of the world. There are 7 categories as mentioned above and they are games for U18 boys, games for U18 girls, games for U16, games for U14, games for U12, games for U10 and lastly games for U8. The results for the first round of the event have been declared will be uploaded soon by the organizing committee in the internet.


There were many favourites in each of the categories and each of them remained so after the first round of the competition. Round 2 will be more interesting as thought by many of the chess lovers. There were many unpredictable turns in the games for the U10 and U8 which is something that is expected every year. There was less chess and many unexpected results at the end. There was a lot of excitement and many talents came into limelight in the first round only.


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