Many studies have been conducted regarding learning chess in almost all the countries of the world and it has been proved that...

...chess has many benefits. Chess is a universal game and is played by millions of people all across the world irrespective of age, sex and economic status. It is one of the oldest games that is still played today and has number of participants less than only football. In many countries, chess is played like a regular sport in many schools. FIDE or the Chess international federation is second only to football in terms of member countries. Internet is a great way to teach your children chess. There are many sites in the World Wide Web that help kids to learn chess. These online tutorials are the best way to help your child learn the great games of the kings. Chess is important as it has loads of benefits. They are:



  • It is the best way to help your child develop logical thinking skill as chess involves proper planning and patience.
  • It can also help kids who have poor concentration to focus and improve concentration level.
  • It is also known to develop the creativity and imagination power of the child.
  • Chess can also help in the development of brain cells.
  • It improves a child’s ability to think and decide and also to base his or actions on the action of someone else.



As a whole, chess is the best play and learn technique and it offers hours of fun. One can sit for hours and play chess and forget about the entire world. So enrol your child today, if you want his or her test scores to improve.

Even if you are not a kid, you can enrol to enjoy during your free time. It also prevents Alzheimer’s disease and depression in aged people.


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