IQ and memory

A great way to improve your IQ and memory is chess.  Chess also known as the game of the kings is no doubt one of the best...


...strategy games. Encourage your kids to play chess as playing chess has mane benefits and these days one can learn chess online quite easily. There are many websites in the World Wide Web that teaches not only kids but also the adults how to play chess.


Most people think that chess is a game for the brainiacs and for the people who are very intelligent. But that is not correct and anyone can learn chess. All that is required is practise, patience and of course proper guidance to be a good chess player. Chess has been shown to raise the intelligence level in all kids who practised playing chess regularly. It has also been shown that people, who played chess in their younger ages, are less likely to develop the Alzheimer’s disease. It is a known fact that the brain functions like any other muscles of your body and chess is great way to exercise the brain. People who play chess regularly tend to use both sides of the brain as compared to other people who use only the left side of the brain. As the right side of the brain is also exercised while playing chess, children who play chess are more creative than their counterparts. Online chess lessons can greatly improve the originality in a child. Also, we know that chess helps in improving the memory. A study conducted on children showed that children who played chess also got better grades when compared to children who did not play chess as chess also increase a child’s logical reasoning and doubt solving skills. If one has to play chess, he or she has to concentrate on the game and hence, it helps in improving the concentration levels in children.


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