May 2014
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Revenge is a cold dish…

Eight years had passed but the objection is still there... We are talking about the Topalov and Kramnik game.

These two players had played in the World Championship match in 2006. This was the championship unification, so the world would have a single champion.


Chess is a game of war and chess players are the gladiators. :-) These two gladiators, Topalov and Kramnik, didn't only fight on the chess board but also off it! With two words, Topalov accused Kramnik of using computer assistance.


Finally Kramnik won the WC and left Topa behind. From then on, the Bulgarian player, Topalov, crashed the Russian player every time they played thereafter.


In the press conference, Topa claimed the win came with the move 14.b5. You can say something, if you can prove it... :-) And finally he won a brilliant game with no mistakes.


Of course, these two players didn't perform the traditional handshake, either at the beginning or at the end of the game.



Aronian – Andreikin



Aronian has excellent winning chances against Andreikin but he spoils the game in the 38th move. For no obvious reason, he captures the knight on e6 with his bishop. This was a really dubious decision, because the bishop was clearly stronger than the knight in this position. Also, the bishop controlled the a8 square.


We can say with confidence that he let slip the wining advantage away, but positions do not occur by themselves. Even the top players make many mistakes in their games.


In the final score Anand is a half point ahead but nothing is clear for the end of the tournament.


The official website is here. http://candidates2014.fide.com/

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