Apr 2014
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GM Viktor Bologan winner in Cebanenco Memorial

GM Viktor Bologan wins the International Rapid Chess Festival organised at Veaceslav Cebanenco Memorial after a thrilling last round match and Armageddon tie-break. Bologan is the top Moldavian player who has many feathers to his cap.

The Veaceslav Cebanenco Memorial was organised on 1-2nd April at the Republican Chess and Draughts Club, Sciusev Street 111, in Chisinau, Moldova.


The main open tournament A was for players who rated higher than 2200 FIDE and it was played by 37 participants. A 9-round Swiss, FIDE rated, with time control 15 min + 10 sec was followed as the playing format.

The chess tournament was a hard competition for the Moldovan chess players. Leaders like Vladimir Malakhov MMI, MMI MMI Alexei Shirov and Bologan participated and played among themselves.


After the one before the last round, both leaders Alexei Shirov and Yuriy Kuzubov, were mislaid in their last games with white pieces against Vitaliy Bernadskiy and Vladimir Malakhov, respectively. Alexei Shirov MMI lost from MI Vitaly Bernadskiy of Ukraine in the last round, however Alexei was ranked third place in the final standings with 6.5 points out of 9 possible.


Vladimir Malakhov won the final round of the MMI Kuzubov Yuriy of Ukraine. Vladimir ranked second with the active 6.5 points.

Viorel Bologan played a consistent game from the very start; also Vladimir Malakhov was engaged in the match more stably without defeat, which allowed both of them to fetch the top rankings.


According to the match rules, the overall winner was to be decided in a mini-match between two top players wherein Bologan emerged with 7 points by defeating former World Champion Zhu Chen  and Malakhov was with best tie-break in the group with 6,5 points. This "Armageddon” tie breaker provided Bologan huge opportunity to finally emerge as the grand prize winner.

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