Jun 2014
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ACO World Amateur Chess Championship 2014

After receiving great worldwide response organisers are arranging ACO World Amateur Chess Championship like previous years, this year it will be taking place from 07-16 June, 2014 on the island of Rhodes, Greece, in a complex of 4 and 5 star hotels. this year players from 24 countries with participating members around 225 are expected to attend the event.

All hotels are in immediate distance to the 1000 sqm playing hall. Players started registering to get into the event from early last year that is 2013.  The ACO has provided special conditions for registrations till 15 September, 2013.


Participating players win terms of higher ratings= The higher rating out of both Elo and national rating




 De Dovitiis, Alejo



   Lang, Torsten



Pajeken, Wolfgang


Pogan, Nikolas



Rueetschi, Urs


Wolter, Detlev



Vucenovic, Dragomir



Marcziter, Dmitrii


Blodig, Reinhard


Gass, Ulrich


Potterat, Marc



  Guttulsrud, Odd Martin



    Heredia Serrano, Carla


    Suess, Werner


Van Herck, Marcel


Koehler, Dr. Gerhard


Levine, Viktor


Koenig, Christian


Bindrich, Oswald


Tueckmantel, Rene


Lang, Ferdinand



Weclawski, Dorota



In 2013, the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship took place on Crete from 11-20 May. About 168 players with ages from 7 to 94 competed for the title of ACO World Champion in the 4-star all-Inclusive hotel Aquis Arina Sand. Players from 26 countries, among them Australia, Venezuela, Malaysia and many parts of the US took part in the championship.

The first ACO World Championship was held in Dubai in 2012, there were 72 players, and in 2013 it were already more than twice this number. The venue of the event was the award-winning 4-star all-Inclusive Hotel Aquis Arina Sand.

In the 2013 championship, in the 4th round of the G-group the youngest participant Anna Erdösi, 7 years old, played against the oldest one, Käte Eggebrecht, who took part in their first tournament and gained respectable 3,5 points.


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