Jun 2014
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Grischuk Blunders, Loses to Caruana in Norway Chess R1

The Norway Chess tournament which was organised in Stavanger saw Fabiano Caruana grabbing an early lead.

The Italian GM proceeded from an error made by his opponent Alexander Grischuk just before the time control. On the other hand, the other four games ended in draws. The Norway Chess tournament took place at the Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus. Seven of the nine rounds, got off to a good start on Tuesday. Despite four draws and a fifth game that should have ended in a draw, the chess fans enjoyed five excellent games.


Alexander Grischuk is known for being a specialist and he usually employs strongest moves but against Fabiano Caruana he blundered badly. The game started as a Benoni where White fianchettoes his bishop. Caruana missed two queen moves by his opponent, and he had to give one pawn. Then Grischuk played with a swap over to win another pawn, and he was in full control.


But the Russian's queen had very few squares, and Black was able to force the draw, except that Grischuk queen stepped on one of the forbidden squares. Indiana Jones fared better when he had to choose the correct tiles.


About making a mistake despite being a time trouble specialist, Grischuk said: “It's a bit tough to switch from increment to no increment, but in the end it's always your own fault.”

On another round, Anish Giri started the round as the only participant who was never defeated in a classical game to Magnus Carlsen, and he can still use this line on his CV.

When Carlsen went for a long and forced variation, Giri missed that White could sacrifice an Exchange and keep a strong passer on c7, but an accurate defence helped him to make and held the draw.


Simen Agdestein had a good start too. A draw as Black against Levon Aronian is always a good result.

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