Jun 2014
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Norway 04: Karjakin emerges winner

At the Unibet Norway Chess Tournament, Stavanger that has started on June 2nd and will continue till June 13th has been providing its audience enough chance to enjoy the game completely.

However, the round four of the Norway game became comparatively dull than previous games. Mainly two games stood out from the rest, the match between Caruana and Giri was quite interesting and finally it resulted in a strange draw. Karjakin somehow turned around a game that was not going on his side and thus further it led him into a win. More interesting were the Mindball games that the players participated on the free day. 


Round Four results


Simen Agdestein         2628    ½-½ Vladimir Kramnik           2783

Fabiano Caruana         2791    ½-½ Anish Giri                       2752

Veselin Topalov          2772    ½-½ Magnus Carlsen 2881

Levon Aronian            2815    ½-½ Peter Svidler                   2753

Sergey Karjakin          2771     1-0 Alexander Grischuk         2792


Agdestein, Simen ½-½ Vladimir Kramnik

Agdestein holds his fourth draw in a row and Kramnik remains in a solid second place with +1.


Caruana, Fabiano ½-½ Giri, Anish

It was one of the interesting games. At the end of the games both Giri and Caruana were able to annihilate the opponent's plan and the game finished with a draw.


Topalov, Veselin ½-½ Carlsen, Magnus

Topalov provided some interesting moves and Carlsen responded by grabbing pawns.


Aronian, Levon ½-½ Svidler, Peter

With perfect defence the Russian managed to get a to some extent worse endgame that he had absolutely no problem holding.


Karjakin, Sergey 1-0 Grischuk, Alexander

Karjakin, Sergey2771–Grischuk, Alexander2792

Besides participating in the world game of chess, the players also enjoyed some recreational activities during the free day, as we all as visited the Scholastic Tournament that was being held.  The players were fascinated by a "Mindball" game which calculated brain activity to move a ball. The winner was the one whose brain activity overpowered to the other.

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