In Saint Quentin, France, eleven teams participated to win the title of best team in France. This event witnessed the   participation of top grandmasters such as Vachier-Lagrave, Ivanchuk, Wojtaszek and many popular players.

The Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament organized in Malmö, Sweden saw Laurent Fressinet of France wining the 22nd edition. In an event that only lasted five rounds, three and a half point was acquired by the 32-year-old French grandmaster to finish clear first and half a point ahead of IM Axel Smith.

The Korinthia Chess Academy “Argonaftis” is set to organise the 4th International Tournament Isthmia 2014 on 18-25th August at the Alkyon Hotel in Vrachati, Korinthia, Greece.

Soundarya Pradhan who is a 15-year-old blind chess player from Boden completed in the World Championships.

Last weekend 14-year-old Rachel Miller became the 2014 champion in the Digicel National Chess Championships in Jamaica.  Her win created history in the chess world. Two new champions — National Master (NM) Andrew Mellace and Woman Candidate Master (WCM) Rachel Miller — were crowned in the 2014 Digicel National Chess Championships.

Alexander Morozevich scored the highest in the 15th Anniversary edition of the Karpov-Poikovsky international tournament.