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What is Rules Chess Strategies?

Is a chess website that will help you play better. The chess lessons on the website are selected very carefully and aim to your needs. The content is updatded often with fresh and new deep analysis. Here you can find lessons that feet on your needs either you are novice or a strong club player.


The Chess School is the best catecory to start learning chess. Find the program from 0 to 2000+ ELO.


There are at least 9 good reasons to register on this chess website. Here you can find the registration page.


If you are already a member here is the place to jumb into the website and enjoy the cool content.


Εδώ μπορείτε να διαβάσετε την σελίδα στα Ελληνικά.


I have collect for you 9 important reasons why you should become a member of the chess website today.


In this category you can read the opinions and reviews of other students. See how the lessons helped them and how they can help you as well.

0 - 2000+

This is the most important category of the website since you can find a complete Chess Training Program to increase your ELO from 0 to 2000+.

Chess Courses

In this category of the site you can find many courses for advanced players. Once you have mastered the basics of chess, it is time to go a step further by studying the courses.