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Since 2002 I have been doing chess lessons for both young and adults. Apart from classes on Clubs and private lessons, sometimes I help my friends by giving them some useful chess tips. In the light of that, I know exactly what you should learn if you are totally beginner or close to candidate master, close to 2000 ELO.

First things first, we have to agree that if a student's performance is 100%, then only 30% belongs to his teacher and the rest of 70% to his abilities. I’m trying to say that regardless of the work that will be going to do together, you have to study chess systematically and methodically. :)

You can see an improvement after two months, starting from the very first lessons. At this time, I didn’t create any course on English, however, I have a lot of experience because a have a lot of students in English and similarly I work on the Academy department at Remote Chess Academy. We create chess courses, study students on how to improve their self on chess. I strongly recommend you to study these courses because they can really help you to improve in chess.


Know Yourself


07 02

The truth is that everybody can acquire knowledge in chess and play at a decent level. But if you want to stand out amongst the good players, then you need to know yourself well.

Knowing yourself is the key to success!

By the phrase “knowing yourself” I mean that you should your strengths and weaknesses. You may know how far you can go and you should hide your weaknesses from the opponent. You can know yourselves via chess games, as much as you play as better it is. You can compare your chess development as a marathon road. This requires systematic and methodical work. During our privet lessons, we can focus on your chess weaknesses and eliminate them.

Analyze of your games

07 03

First of all, let's clarify that the defeat is not ashamed. Everybody can lose and even more than once. And by anybody, I mean ANYBODY; from the rookie up to the World Chess Champion. However, the key point here is to learn from our defeats, in a way to not make the same mistakes again.

Loss can give us the perfect motivation to analyze and improve our game. I learn from my mistakes.

How do I improve in chess?

07 04

There are two ways to improve in chess. One way is to study the games from the top players. Usually, most games of the top players have something to teach us, but there are some very special games which are diamonds. We can call these games as model games and we should study them deeply in order to understand the top’s player’s techniques and strategically ideas; this is the way to learn chess and step by step we’ll be able to put these ideas in practice, into our games.

The other way, and probably the most important method to improve in chess is the analysis of our games. Through your games, I can find your mistakes and help you overcome them. Mikhail Botvinnik, the patriarch of Russian chess, lost the World Chess Championship from the unorthodox player Mikhail Tal; immediately realized that something was wrong with his game. He searched for his mistakes, identified them, and essentially all of his preparation in order to eliminate these errors.

We cannot make progress in chess if we repeat the same mistakes all the time. Our mistakes and weaknesses are the major obstacles to our progress. It is very important to learn how to analyze your games and how to find your mistakes.

Finally, I would like to point out that it is extremely important to write your own plans and ideas in your games. This is a well-known technique in Russia. Each of our chosen moves makes have a specific reason behind them. One good move could be wrong if you choose it for the wrong reasons.

As your chess coach, I should be aware of these reasons and why you have done some moves. In this way, I can help you improve and also to detect your mistakes. That is why you have to send me your games with your own analysis.

If you want to do your first online privet lesson then please read instructions “step by step” here.