Rules Chess Strategy Philosophy

On Rules Chess Strategies we don't aim to create a random chess course. We are selecting the topic-s that will help the student to the maximum. Then we are searching almost all the popular books, dvds, chess YouTube videos, and articles in order to include all the important ideas.

Long discussions are taking place on course preparation with professional and titled (GM - IM) chess players. Then we are searching thousand of chess games in order to select the most illustrative for the particular theoretical lessons. The games and ideas are following the universal chess thinking system; thus, you can build a strong chess understanding.


We're trying to prepare the key conclusions of each chess lesson, practical tips, that the student (YOU) can easily understand and remember after watching the video lesson. At the end of the course you can find the top ideas - conclusions that you should remember of the entire chess course.

After searching thousand examples, we usually select the best 50 for each chess course. You'll be able to solve the practical exercises after watching the theoretical lessons. The exercises are categorized by their difficulty; from easier to harder. In this way we can guarantee that you'll assimilate, learn by hard, the theoretical ideas. After study the courses seriously you'll be able to apply the ideas on your practical games.

In conclusion; on Rules Chess Strategies we don't prepare courses but DIAMONDS! Super chess courses with rich and clear ideas that can boost your strength to the next level!

Chess Authors

Kesaris Angelo
Kesaris AngeloMain Chess Author

Angelo is a professional chess coach for more than 20 years. He has a great passion with chess and practically he's in involving with every single course that created on this website. He can guarantee to you that every single course is following the the very high standards and applies to the demanding specifications of the website


Halkias Stelios
Halkias SteliosGrandmaster

Tactics - Calculations

Stelios wrote an important course for your chess development on tactics and calculations. He is happy to share with you some of his unpublished games that will help you understand how to thing during the game.

YouTube Videos

How to Become chess Grandmaster
Destroying the Defense | Chess Tactics with GM Stelios Halkias
Tarrasch Opening - Amazing Exchange Sacrifice with GM Stelios Halkias

42 Attacking Principles

Attack is an essential skill in order to win chess games. Follow Marian's tips in order to win beautiful games. Similarly, you'll be able to win stronger opponents than your rating.

YouTube Videos

How to Attack
Chess Tips
King's Gambit
French Defense
Petrov Marian
Petrov MarianGrandmaster
Kapnisis Spyros
Kapnisis SpyrosGrandmaster

Plan with 8 Steps

Spyros is happy to share with you lifetime secrets to help you create correct plans in any chess game. Following his pieces of advice you'll become the next successful student who will achieve his targets and fulfill his dreams.

YouTube Videos

Plan With 8 Steps

Attacking Techniques

If you would like to win your chess opponents then you need to attack. We put our best foot forward in order to create another educational attacking course. After the first course "42 attacking principles" the "Attacking Techniques" is for you. In this course you'll learn ALL the techniques that you need in order to attack the enemy king.
Kasparov Sergey
Kasparov SergeyGrandmaster
Mastrovasilis Dimitrios
Mastrovasilis DimitriosGrandmaster

64 Endgame Principles

Dimitris is an expert in endgames, and he is delighted to share some of his games and insights into his thought process during them. By studying the games of this accomplished player, you can enhance your endgame technique.

International Masters

Asaf Givon
Asaf GivonInternational Master

10 Aggressive Openings

If you like to get an attacking game you need to start play aggressively from the first moves. Asaf is happy to share with you some very attacking openings that can guarantee to you a tactical and full of opportunities position.

YouTube Videos

The Improved Fried Liver Attack
Burn The Enemy King With Fried Liver Attack
WIN the London System
A Winning Opening Idea for Black

11 Positional Chess Chapters

This course will help you to put your pieces in the MOST active position. Valeri created a special chapter on this course on how to avoid the positional mistakes.
Lilov Valeri
Lilov ValeriInternational Master
Kolosowski Mateusz
Kolosowski MateuszInternational Master

11 Positional Chess Chapters

Mat created advanced lessons for this positional course. Follow Mat's recommendations in order to master these techniques and boost your chess to the next level.

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