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Baadur Jobava wins Bronstein Memorial

Baadur Jobava, is the winner of Bronstein Memorial, that was organized from in Minsk 11th to 19th February 2014. He had a very close shave against Alexander Shimanova but eventually the match ended in a tiebreak.

Jobava finished drawing in his last two games but continuously Baadur Jobava managed to maintain his lead, ahead of Ukrainian grandmasters Sergey Fedorchuk and Mikhailo Oleksienko.


Baadur Jobava’s emerged with a half-point lead while going into the second to last round. He faced the strong Dutch contender grandmaster Sergei Tiviakov. The tournament leader Tiviakov's ended with an early draw offer and it was a great relief for the player.  The easy draw came by as Black at this stage of the tournament is usually quite welcome.


In the last round of Bronstein memorial Baadur Jobava played against Alexander Shimanova quickly finished in a draw, and consequently Georgian grandmaster Sergey Fedorchuk left behind Michael Oleksienko (Ukraine), beating the Russians Daniil Dubov and Sergei Tiviakov (Netherlands), respectively.  The tournament proceeded with B. Jobava at the first place, second - C. Fedorchuk, in third place M. Oleksienko while Zhigalko S. (Belarus), A. Shimanov, I. Khayrullin (both – Russia) were  half a point behind, E. Safarli (Azerbaijan), G. Sargissian (Armenia) and R. Dzhumabaev (Kazakhstan). On the other hand, Muscovite Alexei Saran, metropolitan chess grandmasters played with nine, scored 5.5 points, showed performance in 2641 and performed score grandmaster.


The David Bronstein Memorial took place in Minsk and the tournament saw participation of top seeds: Baadur Jobava, Vladimir Akopian, Gabriel Sargissian, Boris Grachev, Sergei Zhigalko, Rauf Mamedov, Alexander Khalifman and Sergei Tiviakov also. Baadur Jobava bordered out Sergey A Fedorchuk and Mikhailo Oleksienko after all finished on 7/9. The last round of the match was played on Bronstein's 90th birthday.  The tournament was quite a wonderful event and was a sight for the fans.

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