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World Youth Championship Comes to an End in Al-Ain. 4th January, 2014:  The largest ever World Youth Championship 2013 came to an end on 28th Dec 2013, after a glittering closing ceremony.

This youth Championship was held in Al Ain, UAE from December 18-28, 2013. This chess championship saw the participation in sections for players which comprised Under 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, as well as 8.  In addition to that there were sections for girls in these age categories too. This World Youth chess championship in Al Ain witnessed the largest competition in history, which included about 1900 participants.


The tournament started on 17th December and continued till 28 December at the UAE University's Central Educational Institution. It included about 1900 participants from over 100 chess federations.  This competition was organized under FIDE sponsorship by the Al Ain Chess Club.


The final result


Girls U8


  • 1st Harmony Runhe Zhu
  • 2nd Mungunzul Baterdene
  • 3rd Bhagyashree pravin patil


Girls U10


  • 1st Saina Salonika
  • 2nd Motahareh Asadjoujadeh
  • 3rd Lakshmi Chidambaram


Girls u16


  • 1st Tianlu Gu
  • 2nd Irene Nicolas Zapata
  • 3rd Sarasadat Khademaisharieh


Girls U 18


  • 1st Lodia Tomnikova
  • 2nd Nastassia Ziazluikina
  • 3rd Sabina Ibrahimova


Open U8


  • 1st Praggananandhaa Ramesh babu
  • 2nd Isik Can
  • 3rd Aydin Elshan Suleymanil


Open U 10


  • 1st Llang Awonder
  • 2nd Peng David
  • 3rd Pawel Teclaf


Open U 12


  • 1st Aram Hakrobyan
  • 2nd Raghunandan Kaumandur Srihari
  • 3rd Sergei Lobanov


Open U 14


  • 1st Di Ll
  • 2nd Milan Zajic
  • 3rd Saparmyrat Atabhayev


Open U 16


  • 1st Kartikeyan Murli
  • 2nd Grirish Arun Koushik
  • 3rd Kirii Alekseenko


Open U 18


  • 1st Pouya Idani
  • 2nd David Anton Gujijarro
  • 3rd Vaibhav Suri


The USA sent maximum delegates with 94 kids and more than 230 overall people parents, coaches.  In addition to that there were 15 coaches for the US Team.  The championship experienced a huge hit among the people around the world.

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