Brilliant combination

Efim Geller was one of the greatest masters of old times. He was an aggressive player and helped theory t develop in many opening lines. Today you’ll have the opportunity to play like him, by finding the right continuation from one of his famous attacking games.


Diagram 1


White’s turn


In the diagram position it’s White’s turn. The e4-knight is under attack and White should do something about it. Of course White can remove the Knight but is it the best continuation? Can you find a better, more aggressive move?


Diagram 2


White’s turn


After the moves: 24.Rcf1 Rxe4 you have again the opportunity to think. It’s White’s turn. Your Queen is under attack; are you going to safe her or you’ll play something else?


White sacrificed his Queen with the move 25.fxg6! and Black cannot capture it thanks to checkmate on h7! Thus, he played 25…f6 .You have a last chance to find the best continuation for White. Please note that all of White pieces are fully developed and the f8 square isn’t effectively protected. Can you find the best move for White?


Diagram 3


White’s turn


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