Osipov vs Averbakh

The oldest and younger persons in the world are...

... fighting on the board. Misha Osipov who was four (4) years old gave a great battle against the oldest living Grandmaster Yuri Averbakh who was 95!

They play their game in a small chess festival which held at Ostankino, a famous tower in Moscow. Please notice that lot of other great players like Boris Spassky and Sergey Karjakin was participate.



I'm sure that you already know who is Karjakin but you may not know the 10th world chess champion, GM Boris Spassky; you can see him in the above picture.



The game


Both players are made some mistakes, but the young player manages to won the game because he manages to explore his opponent's last mistake. As we know the person who makes the last mistake will lost. In any case, this was an interesting game, wasn't it?


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