How To Setup A Chessboard?

Chess is defined as a game of intelligence, patience, and persistence. The person cannot become champion overnight and they have to work hard to achieve it. The game can go up to hours at length and the person will have to make sure that they make the right moves. There are many rules in the game and the person can learn the game with the help of rules. However, they will have to start with setting up the chessboard. Setting up the chessboard is also very important and they will have to work hard to learn the exact setting. Even a small misshape can lead to many problems in the game. So, the basics of the setup are defined here.

Layout of chessboard


The chessboard needs to laid out in a particular way that can help in understanding and playing the game. The position of the squares would define the setting up of the chessboard. So, initially, the person can place the white corners of the board on the right bottom corner. This board placing will help in identifying the exact place for all the pieces of the game.


Pawns and Rooks


The second row from either side will contain the pawns on them. On the side with a bottom right white square, the white pawns will get laid and black will go on the opposite side. The rooks will follow on the first row. The two rooks will be placed at either corners of the board.


Knights and Bishops


Similarly, the knights will be adjacent to the rooks on both sides of the board. The whites will go with the whites and the blacks with blacks. The board placement will help in making the right placement for the pieces. Furthermore, the knights will be followed by bishops adjacent to them. The bishops will occupy the place for both the colors.


Queen and King


The placement of all the above pieces will lead to only two empty pieces for the placement of queen and king. The black queen would go on the black square and the white would go on the white square. Thus, only one empty square can be filled with the king. Thus, the arrangement will help in placing the queen on the desired colored square. The person can enjoy the game only if the placement is perfect.

Thus, the setup of the chessboard needs to be perfect so that the person can understand the game. There are specific rules by which the movement of the hooks, bishop, and knight are decided. So, if the placement is wrong then the person would not be able to understand the exact number of moves. Thus, the wrong arrangement can lead to many problems which they would not face otherwise in their lives. Moreover, the position of the queen on the desired square is important because in that way the game would become easy to understand and implement. Thus, the games are meant to be cheerful and easy and that would depend on the type of arrangement of the chessboard.


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