Various Used Traps in a Chess Game

In chess, there are few tricks and tips to win the match against the opponent. Not only chess, but every game also needs to follow some witty ideas to win against their opponents, and chess is not a difficult game, some witty tricks may be beneficial for both parties.

Chess traps are very much popular and liked by every chess player, the traps may help to win the game. That is why the tricks and traps are so admirable by the players. Through a nice trap, the player can show significant ideas as well as combinations, and fascinating concepts that capture attention and stand the test of time.

There are so many chess traps commonly known by the players which are as well as beneficial for them too. Chess traps are commonly used by the players to make their opponent fall for wrong moves so that they take time for their next move, mainly it is a witty idea to win the match.

Traps are common in all phases of the game; in the opening, some traps have occurred often enough that they have acquired names.

The most satisfying thing in chess is the traps, though all chess traps are not that helpful, but, surely, it helps to make the opponent think twice to make the next move, as well as it may gain some amount of time to create another move. 

Some traps may leave the player in a disastrous state if the opponent doesn’t fall for the trap. Other traps don’t leave the player in a bad position and can use them more often without worrying about the opponent not falling for them.

Here are some traps which are skillfully used in chess tournaments, it needs to know by every chess player if the player wants to win.

  • The Noah's Ark: This trap is a chess opening trap in the Ruy Lopez. The name is used to describe a family of traps in the Ruy Lopez in which a white bishop is trapped on the b3-square by black pawns.
  • Legal trap:  This trap is from the 18th century and named after Sire de Légal. It is a witty idea as a chess trap, it looks like to give up the queen and surrender the game, but it helps to checkmate the opponent with the help of their minor pieces.
  • Elephant trap- in the chess game it is a trap variation in the Queen’s Gambit declined lines where falling into the trap will cost white their queen. This trap is fun to play and also helps to snared thousands of players mainly those who are amateurs.
  • Lasker Trap: it is the most wonderful as well as popular traps because it helps to promote something other than a queen as early as the seventh move. With the help of the trap, the player can easily misguide the opponent. This makes it one of the satisfying traps on the board of chess.
  • Fishing Pole: it is one of the wonderful trap for the opponent in the game, as because it comes with a common opening so that the player can have many chances to use it, but if the opponent does not fall for the trap it still makes sure that the player may be sticking to the safe place and may still have the chance to win. It becomes the most satisfying trap if the player pulls it off.
  • Siberian Trap: This trap in the Smith-Morra Gambit has claimed many victims of all levels! It seems as though White is just making natural developing moves and then all of the sudden loses the queen or gets checkmated.
  • Rubinstein Trap: The Rubinstein trap is named after another chess giant Akiba Rubinstein. This subtle trap at the very least wins a pawn, but also can trap the black queen if Black is greedy.

Chess is a game of mind and witty tricks, so depending on how the player plays it and how much skill the player has. There are more various tricks and traps present to win the game. 

It is a mind-blowing game with various mind-blowing traps, all a player needs to win in practice, and more practice can help to more improvement.


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