Once Martin Luther King Jr. said that "Take the first step in faith; you don't have to see the whole staircase". The same thing applies to chess as well. The first moves of a chess game are always as important to turn the game towards you.

Chess is a multi-player board game played by millions of people worldwide. It is a strategy based game, each player starts the game with 16 different pieces and the type of each piece moves separately.

Chess is a popular game all over the world due to the challenges it poses in every step. It requires every player to think deeply before making any move. Every single step in the game is very crucial to decide the outcome of the game.

Today I have some really cool news for you because the Training Program "Novice-800" is already.

Chess is defined as a game of intelligence, patience, and persistence. The person cannot become champion overnight and they have to work hard to achieve it. The game can go up to hours at length and the person will have to make sure that they make the right moves. There are many rules in the game and the person can learn the game with the help of rules. However, they will have to start with setting up the chessboard. Setting up the chessboard is also very important and they will have to work hard to learn the exact setting. Even a small misshape can lead to many problems in the game. So, the basics of the setup are defined here.

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