The World Champion is still the #1 ranked player in the world. But he is only 7.4 points ahead of Caruana, 15.2 points ahead of Mamedyarov, and 31.4 points ahead of Ding Liren! It is getting real tight at the top!

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White to play. Perhaps this is not the winning combination of the game, but for sure it is a very strong continuation which gives definitely the advantage to White. Can you find the move?

As you may know Sicilian defense is one of the most respectful chess openings nowadays. However, back to 1600 (!) people didn’t know about it and this opening starts to make his first baby steps. By the way it starts with the move 1…c5 against 1.e4; so 1.e4-c5.

First things first, please let me explain to you what the discovered attack is. It is an attack which revealed when...

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