All Chess Openings Explained

Chess Openings

It was the first time that he faced this opening chess trap so his opponent manage to beat him in the first few moves... It was a miniature! If you have some unknown words in the above sentence then stay with me because I'll revial to you five (5) very basic things in the opening. After this lesson you can start a chess game propertly and with confidence. The first moves of the game are very important and you'll learn how to develop your pieces successfully.

Advanced Chess Openings

All openings today have their own name and these have analyzed for hundreds of years. The best players know exactly which plans to follow in order to equalize the position or gain an advantage. If you want to start your game perfectly, with the correct strategy and without losing quickly, then you should study some of the opening courses that I prepared for you.

The opening in chess is characterized by the first eight to ten moves in which you must develop your pieces quickly from their original positions. This is a very important chess strategy which will help you later to attack the opponent king and win. We cannot attack immediately, without having developed our pieces; for example only with few pieces, or the "Superman" piece. Our queen alone cannot capture all of the opponent's pieces.

The Main Goal In The Opening

We need to develop our pieces in order to control the center, i.e. the squares e4, d4, d5, and e5. The ultimate goal of the chess opening is to have the upper hand or at least to avoid the obsticles that the opponent may set up.

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The Ultimate Chess Opening Guide | Benko Gambit

Benko Gambit Opening System

The Benko Gambit is an aggressive and tactical answer to 1.d4. Black has a lot opportunities to win games even to stronger opponents...

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Grand Prix Attack


Grand Prix Attack is one of the basic chess openings in Sicilian Defense. White can avoid the huge theoretical lines and by a very simple plan ...

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The Best Way To Learn Chess

05-Elementary Chess Training Course

“Modern chess is too much concerned with things like pawn structure. Forget it, checkmate ends the game.” Thease are the words of …

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9 Reasons To Become Member

042 9 Reasons To Become Member

First things first I would like to thank you for visite the Rules Chess Strategies website. If you want to become better at chess, then this place is definitely right for you.

Why To Become Member On Rules Chess Strategies?

You can become a member for free of charge on the Rules Chess Strategies website, in order to enjoy unique and fantastic privileges such as:

  1. Access to free courses
  2. Free electronic chess book
  3. Short series "Learn, Play, Win"
  4. Course "Newbie-500"
  5. Be first to know the news
  6. Quick answers to your questions
  7. Be first in learning the great offers and opportunities
  8. Four extra chess lessons
  9. Access to the "grade yourself" tests

What Are The Free Lessons?

a) Improvement in chess

There are different types of free courses on the site that will cater to the needs of even the most demanding member. First of all, you can find for free the e-book I have made for you which is called "improvement in chess". This is a free e-book in PDF format, that means you can download it as well as read it on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is the first gift made through the website so that someone can give his mail and receive future notifications. While you, a member of the page, can download it. You will be able to access the additional special menu called "profile" and from there you can see this e-book as well.

b) Learn, Play, Win

This is the second free gift on the website; it's a series of free video chess lessons. It is a small course that I made many years ago but I have recently renewed it, at 2020. The duration of the courses is more than an hour and a half; the included lessons are:

  • Lesson 01 Traps in the opening
  • Lesson 02 Amazing attacks
  • Lesson 03 Tactical puzzles
  • Lesson 04 The biggest mistakes

The first lesson is everyone's favorite since there are many different traps at the beginning of the game, ie at the opening. With these traps you can beat your opponents very quickly but knowing them you will avoid short defeats. So the first lesson is very important for your improvement in chess. These lessons are not for the novice chess player. So I tried to make gifts for the whole range of chess players, whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced in the chess ladder.

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Complete Guide To Scandinavian Defense

scandinavian-en Scandinavian Defense

The most aggressive first move of white is 1.e4. If Blacks don't know what to do exactly against it, then they will face many problems…

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How To Play Caro-Kann Defense

049-CaroKann Caro-Kann Defense

Chess Openings | Caro-Kann Defense | Besic Ideas And Tactis Are Explained

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Learn The Frive Liver Attack

050-frive-liver Frive Liver Attack

The Frive Liver Attack is and entertaining chess opening and usually Black should avoid that. We can find that opening in... 

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How Good Are You At Chess?

010 Good At Chess?

Continuing the successful strategy on how to improve in chess I prepared another interesting quiz for you. From now on...

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How To Play Sicilian Defense

044-Sicilian Sicilian Defense

The Sicilian Defense is one of the most important chess openings in theory which begins with the moves 1. e4 c5. You may wander why...

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Berlin Defense Chess Opening for Both White and Black

046-berlin Berlin Defense

At some point in time, all chess players were amateurs to understand that whenever a grandmasters level player makes a move, they are playing every move after winning and losing so many games.

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Opening Traps and Tricks for White in Greco Gambit

003 Greco Gambit

Greco Gambit is one of the great chess openings which have been used by the chess players...

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Ideas & Traps On Stafford Gambit

047-Stafford Stafford Gambit

Stafford Gambit is a very aggressive weapon against 1.e4. In this article ...

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Traxler Counter Attack Chess Opening Variation

048-Traxler Traxler Counter Attack

The traxler counter-attack is the most popular defensive opening, also it is one of the best combative openings for the black while the white is okay with playing the Italian game.

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Winning a "won game"

004 Winning a "won game"

Have you ever been in a situation where you know you are winning and all you have to do is get the full point of victory? But things in practice ...

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World Chess Championship Match 2018

Thumbnail World Chess Championship Match 2018

The 44th World Chess Championship match played between World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and...

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King's Gambit

045-king-gambit King's Gambit

King's Gambit is a powerful opening weapon in chess. In this article, I'm going to provide very useful information in order to win fast!

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Training Chess Program | Novice 800

02-Novice Novice chess player

Today I have some really cool news for you because the Training Program "Novice-800" is already.

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