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I'd like to confess something. My most difficult times is when I play on against 1500 to 1700 players! They do play amazing chess and they NEVEN blunder anything at all. Their cheating abilities are in the next level because they don't make the first computer moves; but one of the best. In the same time, anti-cheating control is not so hight allowing this extremely bad behavior. If you have gold membership it could automatically means that you'll have "gold" protection...

I prepared this article in order to show you why people cheat, the cheating techniques, and how to discover cheaters online. Unfortunately this online cheating drama will not end any near soon.

What is Cheating

First things first, let's clarify what is cheating. When a player use outside help during the game in order to improve his play.

How Can Someone Cheat?

There are many different ways that someone can cheat. If you don't know then good for you! It means that you never cheated so far. Please, be careful not to cheat in the future; and I'll provide to you good reasons in order not to do it.

a) The most common way is to use computer engines. Someone can set up the game position to his engine and waiting his reply in order to play this exact move on his game. Over the board, someone could try to use his mobile by visiting the bathroom. Thus, during the chess games the mobiles are not allowed.

b) During a game the player can ask help from other people. You can do this online or over the board. For this reason it's forebitten to talk during your chess games!

c) Opening a chess opening book or an online opening database while playing. This is cheating as well! Probably no one can find you if you do this online but it's not fair to other people. 

Famous Chess Cheating Stories

Kramnik - Topalov Incident 2006 World Chess Championship

2006 was a big year for chess because after 13 years Kramnik and Topalov agreed to play for the World Chess Championship match in Elista, Russia.

The Festive Reunion Turned Into a Disaster. After some games, the Bulgarians complained that looking at the videos they found that after each move Kramnik went to the rest room and went straight to the toilet! One side claimed that Kramnik was ill and the other side that he was cheating.

Kramnik lost one game by not showing up but eventually, he won this particular match. These two players do not make handshake and it is forbidden for Topalov to play in Russia. You are welcome to read more about this by clicking here.

27 September 2020 // GM Tigran Petrosian

In the final of Pro Chess League, an online tournament hosted by, St. Louis Arch Bishops played against Armenia Eagles. Eagles won the game and became richer by $20,000 USD; thanks to a fantastic performance of GM Tigran Petrosian. There is no connection to the Tigran (V.) Petrosian, World Champion in the 1960s.

However, a few days later, the teams determined that Petrosian had used computer assistance! He played moves that no human would ever play and he kept looking down (probably his mobile) during the game. Wesley So complained heavily closed Petrosian's account and forbade him to play on their website forever.

Carlsen – Niemann Sinquefield Cup 2022

Magnus Carlsen withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup 2022 after his loss to Hans Niemann in round 3. Niemann managed to win World Chess Champion with the black pieces without give him a single chance for counterplay.

Niemann himself admitted that he was cheating in the past on online tournaments but he claimed that he is "clean" right now. He said that he never cheated over the board. Many top chess players has different opinion on this but they didn't provide clear evidences on this issue.

How Can You Improve Your Chess?

If you would like to become good at chess, enjoy the game, and get a lot of victories then you need to study my chess training program. You'll be able to calculate a lot of moves ahead, understand what is going on over the board, and make the right decisions. You are welcome to take a look here.

Why are People Cheating?

  1. The normal play wasn't fulfilling anymore!
  2. They didn't think through the consequences.
  3. To boost the ego // Need a win so desperately.
  4. They suffered from low self-esteem.
  5. They craved complicated positions.
  6. They wanted revenge !!
  7. Their chess education wasn't comprehensive.
  8. To get the lights on them.

Why Cheating is BAD – 15 Reasons

  1. Cheating is the same as lying and stealing.
  2. Cheating causes stress.
  3. Cheating is unfair to others.
  4. Cheating hampers progress.
  5. Cheating kills trust.
  6. Cheating is disrespectful.
  7. Cheating can become a habit.
  8. Cheating eventually leads to failure.
  9. Cheating is embarrassing.
  10. Lose your reputation.
  11. They can close your online account.
  12. Ban in over-the-board tournaments.
  13. Harm your thinking system !!
  14. You cannot think independently // You will be connected to a computer...
  15. People who work all the time with computers cannot play real tournaments // Magnus stated in his interview. I have friends who are suffering from this and they cannot play in real tournaments anymore.

How to Find Cheaters

  1. They use metronome // delay 3-5 seconds their moves; every move!
  2. There is no logical human thing behind their moves.
  3. They never made a mistake // They do inaccuracies but never a mistake; no matter how complicated the position is.
  4. Rating manipulation (ups and downs) // They have huge differences in blitz and rapid ratings.
  5. Very new accounts // Probably their old accounts were banned...
  6. Dramatic increase of the rating.
  7. Someone else observing your games.
  8. Poor endgame technique.
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