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Welcome to the official "Kesaris Angelo" Hero Wars Guild!

Join us on Facebook Version, servers 30, 70, and 73, for endless possibilities and extraordinary adventures. Find information, instructions, and fair rules to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience for all.

Embrace the camaraderie of our vibrant community, where members share strategies and support one another. Active participation and open communication are encouraged as we celebrate achievements together.

Welcome home to "Kesaris Angelo Guild", where exciting journeys await. Feel free to reach out to our Guild officers and members for any questions or assistance. Let's conquer the game together!

Mastering the Basics:

You're welcome to read a very detailed beginner's tutorial by clicking here.

Guild Member Code of Conduct: 5 Basic and Polite Rules

Respect and Empathy: Treat fellow guild members with respect and empathy, valuing their opinions, experiences, and feelings.

Positive Communication: Engage in constructive and positive communication, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment within the guild.

Collaboration and Cooperation: Embrace teamwork and collaboration, working together towards common goals and supporting fellow guild members in their endeavors.

Honesty and Integrity: Maintain honesty and integrity in your interactions, promoting a culture of trust and authenticity among guild members.

Mindful Conduct: Be mindful of your actions and their impact on others, striving to create a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere within the guild. 

Guild War & Clash of Worlds: Prepare for Epic Battles

Enter your text herIn order to strengthen our forces for Guild War, it is essential to optimize your teams, heroes, and titans. Choose your most formidable warriors to lead us to victory in the upcoming battles.

If you are selected by the Guild Master for Guild War, it is crucial to maintain an active presence and launch your attacks diligently from Monday to Friday. Additionally, if there are any extra matches for promotion or relegation, your participation is highly encouraged.

Together, we shall conquer and leave our mark on the game. Prepare yourselves, warriors, for thrilling battles and glorious triumphs!

Please remember to inform the Guild Master as soon as possible if you are unable to participate on a particular day due to any valid reason.e ...

Sanctuary Adventures: Embark on Epic Journeys

Before creating or joining an adventure, ensure that your team is capable of emerging victorious in battles. Once you enter an adventure, it is important to complete it promptly or fulfill your assigned role. Delaying other players' adventures may result in being banned from the guild.

For detailed insights into pet adventures within the Sanctuary, I have crafted an article that delves into the subject. Feel free to read it here (NOTE: Add the link to the block post), and gain valuable knowledge about optimizing your pet adventures.

Let the Sanctuary Adventures begin, and may your quests be filled with excitement and triumph!

Asgard Guild Guidelines:

Active Participation in Guild Raids:

Ensure your active participation in guild raids and perform your attacks diligently from Monday to Thursday.

Early Boss Fights on Friday:

Engage in early boss fights on Fridays by battling the boss a total of 5 times.

Stay committed to these guidelines to contribute to the success of our guild and maximize our collective strength in Asgard. Together, we shall conquer new heights!

Guild Members' Minimum Activity Requirements

The minimum daily activity should range between 1,000 to 1,500 points. The weekly activity target is set between 7,000 to 10,000 points.

How can you get points?

Note: You can earn activity points by completing missions, exchanging items, and enchanting glyphs.

  1. Update any Gyphs from your heroes// You need "Great Enchantment Runes" // Go to a hero, select Glyphs, and update.
  2. Exchange items // Click on inventory (the bag next to the chat) // and sell them
  3. Spend energy

For Titanite contributions, the minimum requirement is between 100 to 200 units. The weekly activity goal should range from 1,000 to 1,300 units.

Note: You can obtain Titanite by clearing dungeons. Utilizing Divination cards will provide a significant boost.

Kindly ensure that you meet these minimum activity requirements to actively contribute to the guild's progress. Your participation is crucial in our collective journey toward success.

Arena & Grand Arena Fights

Kindly refrain from engaging in battles involving our guild members in the Arena and Grand Arena. With thousands of other participants available, we kindly request that you select different opponents for your attacks. Do NOT fight our Guild members.

Guild Appreciation: United in Success!

Dear Guild Members, thank you for your incredible dedicationI and contributions to our guild. Your commitment and teamwork have been invaluable.

Let's stay motivated and united as we conquer challenges together. Each of you brings unique strengths that make our guild thrive. Together, we can achieve greatness. Keep up the amazing work!

Hero Wars Adventures

  • Level 4: 40,000 (You'll need approximately 70,000)
  • Level 5: 80,000 (You'll need approximately 120,000)
  • Level 6: 90,000 (You'll need approximately 150,000)
  • Level 7: 130,000 (You'll need approximately 170,000)
  • Level 8: 160,000 (You'll need approximately 200,000)
  • Level 9: 220,000 (You'll need approximately 250,000)
  • Level 10: [xxx,xxx] (You'll need approximately [xxx,xxx])
  • Level 11: 300,000 (You'll need approximately 500,000)
  • Level 12: [xxx,xxx] (You'll need approximately 1,000,000)
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