Mastering the Basics: A Beginner's Guide to Hero Wars


Engaging in games is an immensely enjoyable pursuit; nonetheless, lacking a sound strategy could potentially result in substantial financial setbacks or a continuous stream of defeats. Hence, I've meticulously crafted this tutorial for beginners, aiming to equip you with a treasure trove of valuable insights.

Hero Wars stands as an online action role-playing game (RPG), a realm where you have the opportunity to amass a diverse array of characters and amplify their capabilities. United with your team of heroes, you're poised to embark on captivating campaigns and confront an array of formidable bosses. Furthermore, the game extends the choice to either join established guilds or forge your own, enabling spirited battles against fellow players.

This beginner's tutorial is thoughtfully fashioned to guide you in launching your game journey on the right foot. My dedicated efforts spanning several days have culminated in a collection of videos, aimed at facilitating a lucid comprehension of every facet.

Day 1 Action Plan: Essential Steps for Success

Summarizing Day 1:

1. Begin by immersing yourself in the campaigns as your game guild.
2. Focus your enhancements exclusively on Galahad and Thea.
3. Collect emeralds diligently but refrain from spending them at this stage.
4. Unlock the Arena at level 10 and participate in it three times daily.
5. Progress through the campaign to attain level 15.
6. If you encounter setbacks, revisit the same tasks and enhance your hero's skills for a better outcome.

Maximizing Day 2: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Recapping Day 2:

1. Building upon my achievements from day 1, I've successfully reached level 19.
2. Elevate your airship to level 20 for enhanced capabilities.
3. As a recommendation, consider activating Hero Wars | Valkyrie's Favor, priced at around 2 euros weekly or approximately 8-10 euros per month.
4. Aim to attain an Outland level of 25.
5. Engage with your guild members for Outland content; be sure to contribute to the daily boss checks.
6. My second day's endeavors culminated in reaching level 27.

Setting the Stage: Your Day 3 Roadmap for Success

On day 3, I encountered challenges that hindered my progress, leading me to repeat certain missions.

Crushing Day 4: Tips and Tactics for Dominating Hero Wars

Summarizing Day 4:

1. Focus on your Airship and its rewards; open Artifact chests for 600 emeralds, which can yield 1000.
2. Opt to open hero chests, a 1500-emerald investment that comes with a 2000-bonus!
3. Aim to attain level 40 Pets, enhancing your arsenal.
4. Engage in the intensity of guild wars, contributing to your guild's endeavors and progress.

Please read my detailed article for the Guild War by clicking here.

Day 5 Decisions: How to Make the Most of Your Hero Wars Adventure


Unleash Your Heroic Journey with Hero Wars: Conquer the Battlefields and Ignite Victory!

Are you ready to step into the epic realm of Hero Wars? Embark on an adventure like no other as you command a formidable team of heroes, each possessing unique abilities and strengths. With a strategic blend of tactical prowess and unwavering courage, you can dominate the battlefields and claim victory as your own.

Discover the thrill of assembling a team that resonates with your playstyle – whether it's unleashing devastating magical spells, wielding mighty weapons, or healing your allies in the heat of combat. Craft your hero's destiny by enhancing their powers, uncovering powerful artifacts, and leading them to unparalleled heights of strength and resilience.

Hero Wars isn't just a game – it's a journey. Navigate through an immersive world filled with challenges, campaigns, and confrontations against fierce adversaries. Forge alliances with fellow players to participate in exhilarating guild wars, where teamwork and strategy define the course of battle.

Ready to rise above the rest and etch your name in the annals of Hero Wars history? Start your heroic odyssey today and conquer the realm with unmatched valor and skill. Your destiny awaits – venture into Hero Wars and shape the future of the battlefield!

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