Opening Traps and Tricks for White in Greco Gambit

003 Greco Gambit

Greco Gambit is one of the great chess openings which have been used by the chess players...

...This is an impressive chess opening and a good one to try on any chess game, especially in Blitz chess games or Bullet chess games.

These chess opening will help you to win fast against other players who have not seen this earlier. But as Black, if you know how to counter this opening when someone tries this against you it wouldn't that easy to win for your opponent.

First of all, we need to understand the significance behind the chess opening, as White getting a slide advantage of playing first and you should try to gain control of the middle of the chessboard, the possibilities of winning eventually boost up for you.

So you should start with King's Pawn opening E4 opening. Black should normally start with Pawn to E5. You will play Knight to F3 to defend your Pawn. Black will counter with Knight to C6 and you should counter back with the Italian Opening Bishop to C4. In this situation, the best possible move should be Bishop C5, the Giuoco Piano Game.

If you give a close look at the position of the current pieces you can understand Black is now ready to develop his other Knight so that it can castle in the King's side easily. But you should stick to the plan and play Pawn to C3 so that you can push to gain more control of the centre.

As according to Black position possibly play Knight F6 to attack the E4 piece. Now, most of the time players will try to defend that piece on the thread and play Pawn to D3. But in this case, instead of defending that piece, you should play Pawn to D4 so that you can attack the Bishop.

Now if you give a close look at the current position of the pieces you will understand. From here Black must take the Pawn. Let’s say, for example now Black doesn't take that pawn and play Knight to B6 to save the Bishop. You will pin the Pawn on E5 and Black's Knight pin the Pawn on E4.

After those series of pieces pin, you will the brilliant and unexpected move Queen to D5. It is a duel effect move where you are threatening a checkmate and at the same time attacking the Black's Knight in the centre. Even in this position, if Black goes for Bishop F2 for a check you can easily move your King away and after Black's next move you can simply gobble up Black's Knight in the centre.

Now if you look at this position, your pawn at E4 is open Black naturally want to pin it but the problem is the Bishop is under attack so the player will go for save that first. So a good move should give a check with Bishop to B4. Now if you play a natural move like Knight to C3 Black can take the Pawn because the Knight is pinned so we can't pin Black's Bishop.

Now the Greco Gambit comes on effect where you sacrifice your Pawn expecting to gain an advantage later on. So now you hold to go for the short castle to take the King to safety. Now Black has an important to make. Should Black capture your Knight with the Knight or with the Bishop?

I'm sure many of the players choose the Knight as ultimately you want to keep both of your Bishops. According to past data, almost 70% of players played Knight C3 and this move gives the White a very commanding position. After Black's Knight takes on C3, your Pawn pins that Knight by C3. Now if Bishop takes by C3 then Black is completely trapped.

If you look at Black's King, it's out in the open and we need to keep it there. After that, you can play Queen to B3 to attack the King's side Pawn. But if Black plays Pawn to D5 it can somehow manage to defend the Bishop and also castle on the King's side. You don't want to happen that right.

Therefore, the absolute best move for you should be Bishop to A3. It straight away stops the Black's King from castling. You have to maintain the pressure on Black's King and eventually you will get the checkmate. 

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