Winning a "won game"


Have you ever been in a situation where you know you are winning and all you have to do is get the full point of victory? But things in practice it is not so simple, because one of the most difficult tasks in a chess game is to win a won position. At this point, it is important to clarify what is the won position. Undoubtedly a position can be cons...

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How To Calculate The Best Moves In Chess


In this article you'll going to learn how to get better at chess by learning practical calculation techniques. Let's dive in into amateurs mind and compare the thinking way of amateur against strong player. Calculation is not just tactical puzzles and after few minutes you'll understand why! Main Problem  Let's start with a fact. The number ON...

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Key Secret Tips and Methods for Successful Chess Attacks


I used to attack because it was the only thing I knew. Now I attack because I know it works best! by Garry Kasparov Let's analyze why attack in chess is so important and how can you improve this skill successfully. Above you can read the quote of the legendary Grandmaster Garry Kasparov! He is one of the best attacking players of all time who ...

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The Magician from Riga: Mikhail Tal


 Mikhail Tal was Latvian grandmaster and the 8th World Chess Champion. He born at 1936 and passed away at 1992. Few months before he died he manage to win Gm Garry Kasparov in a blitz game! His strong points was the creativity, imagination, and aggressive chess style. We can say that his combinations was daring but all people around the world ...

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Chess Strategy Breakthrough: Makogonov's Rule & the 50% Mistake Fix


Introduction Are you ready to elevate your chess strategy and gain a tactical edge that's been used by the masters? In this article, we're delving into the remarkable concept known as Makogonov's Rule, a strategic principle that promises to revolutionize your gameplay. Named after its creator, Grandmaster Vladimir Makogonov, this rule has the power...

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Emanuel Lasker's Wisdom: When Good Moves Aren't Enough


In our discussion on chess strategy today, I'd like to introduce a rule that holds immense potential for improving your gameplay. When it comes to chess, you might excel in the opening phase of the game. You've learned various opening strategies and traps, and you've become proficient in navigating the initial moves. However, as you advance in your...

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Establish an Expert Chess Understanding & Play Like a Pro


Do you want to stop losing chess games and have the feeling of every chess position? Usually, chess players complain about their unstable results and sudden losses. This will no longer concern you because here is the solution to the problem! I'm talking about a Chess Training Program that will help you to achieve your goals and be successful with c...

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The Best Way To Learn Chess


"Modern chess is too much concerned with things like pawn structure. Forget it, checkmate ends the game." These are the words of Nigel Short; one of the top Grandmasters, Vice-President of FIDE, and the first English player who played a World Chess Championship match against Garry Kasparov. However, to learn the concrete pawn-strures you need ...

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How Good Are You At Chess?


Continuing the successful strategy on how to improve in chess I prepared another interesting quiz for you. From now on you can perform this quiz and check your chess strength. Find it here. Common Errors There are a lot of common errors and mistakes that take place in beginner's games such as final killing blow, lack of tactical knowledge, and...

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Training Chess Program | Novice 800


Today I have some really cool news for you because the Training Program "Novice-800" is already. What Is All About? In this program you will learn all the special chess moves, I introduced you to the first and most basic tactical motives, and how to win the pieces of your chess enemies. This program will help you to start playing tournament games b...

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