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Today I have some really cool news for you because the Training Program "Novice-800" is already.

What Is All About?

In this program you will learn all the special chess moves, I introduced you to the first and most basic tactical motives, and how to win the pieces of your chess enemies. This program will help you to start playing tournament games by giving you all the necessary first tools for your future success.

Is This Program Right For You?

I created a practical test in order to check your abilities. If you are not able to pass the test by 70% then you need to study this Training Program. You can see the test (click here)

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How Is It Structured?

The program contains theoretical videos in order to understand the main ideas. During the videos, you can get the main conclusions of the video and see the illustrative games. Then you have the tests in order to practice actively the ideas and barry them in your mind.

  • Video duration = 290 minutes
  • Exercises = 190
  • Articles = 7
  • PDF files for download = 19

Thus, it's important to understand tactics and strategies in order to play better. If you like to improve these ideas then I suggest you study the training chess program that I created for you “Novice 800”.

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Click here

Note: This is a year training program and if you follow it with consistency then you'll dramatically improve your game for the better!

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