The Easiest Way to Become a Professional Chess Player

Most people want to play chess but wondering how to become a professional chess player. Here we have the easiest way to become a good chess player, like a professional chess player. There are a lot of sites that are offering play professional chess games online. They can also offer different types of promotional offers, coupons, and discounts. The Rules Chess Strategies Coupon is one of the best sites to offer different types like coupons codes, deals, coupons, and the best discount for the learner of a chess game.

Online Personal Chess Trainer

I guess that you know it already that some players can beat you easily, and some times you may have the feeling that the other person didn't think for a single move! This happened because at some point in his life he/she trained hard or someone stronger player taught him/her the ideas. I guess, especially if you're looking for a personal chess coac

How To Play Englund Gambit

Englund Gambit is one of the basic opening chess trap that can help you win more games and improve your rating. It's difficult to find a good reply against 1.d4 because players who use it are solid and don't like the tactics. Nonetheless, Englund Gambit will help you to shake them and create tactical opportunities for you!
It was the first time that he faced this opening chess trap so his opponent manages to beat him in the first few moves... It was a miniature! If you have some unknown words in the above sentence then stay with me because I'll reveal to you five (5) very basic things in the opening. After this lesson you can start a chess game properly and with 
The Benko Gambit is an aggressive and tactical answer to 1.d4. Black has a lot opportunities to win games even to stronger opponents...
Grand Prix Attack is one of the basic chess openings in Sicilian Defense. White can avoid the huge theoretical lines and by a very simple plan ...
“Modern chess is too much concerned with things like pawn structure. Forget it, checkmate ends the game.” Thease are the words of …