Greek Chess Program

Greek Chess Program
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Video Lessons, PGN Theoretical Files, PGN Exercises Files, PDF Files, Final Test
Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Chess Author: Kesaris Angelo
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General Information

Here you can find the beginner's package; a perfect weapon that can give you a huge boost to your chess career. You can find the collection of beginner's programs:


How To Develop Your Chess Skills Easily
(Program 800)
22 Theoretical Video Lessons | 165 Examples
19 Exercises = 190 Examples

Everything You Need To Know About Chess Fundamentals
(Program 1000)
19 Theoretical Video Lessons | 174 Examples
23 Exercises = 230 Examples

How To Stop Blunders And Increase Your Chess Rating
(Program 1100)
28 Theoretical Video Lessons | 247 Examples
18 Exercises = 180 Examples

A Complete Chess Guide From Beginner To Intermediate Player
(Program 1200)
26 Theoretical Video Lessons | 193 Examples
20 Exercises = 200 Examples

In Total:

95 Theoretical Video Lessons | 779 Minutes (13 hours)
800 Games Analyzed

Subscribing to the bundle you can get access to all of the above-mentioned courses with a huge discount. The normal price for the courses is Novice-800 = 39 €, Rookie-1000 = 44 €, Beginner-1100 = 59 €, Elementary 1200 = 59 € Total = 201 €.

Author | Angelo Kesaris

Angelo Kesaris

Angelo Kesaris is a professional chess coach for the last 20 years and FIDE National Instructor. He is an active chess player with an International FIDE rating of 1900 ELO. He started teaching chess in primary schools, organizing lessons in chess clubs, private classes, online teaching, and chess course creator. You can read more here.

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