Technical Things

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer a video download version, but rest assured, we are actively working on this feature.

In my lessons, I recommend having a notebook to jot down the most important ideas from the lesson. This way, you won't need to revisit the video lesson.

Additionally, please note that the PGN and PDF files are downloadable, allowing you to save them directly to your computer.

Before Purchase

Each training program, such as 'Rookie-1000' or 'Beginner 1100,' follows a yearly chess club curriculum. This mirrors the training conducted within a chess club during the school year, with approximately 30-40 lessons per year, typically one lesson per week.

While you have the flexibility to study at your own pace based on your available time, I recommend thoroughly understanding one idea before moving on to the next. If you consistently dedicate 1 hour per week, you can expect to complete a lesson in 6-8 months.

Similarly, other chess courses, such as openings or individual lessons, have shorter durations compared to the training programs, but they are still comprehensive in content.


Yes, we offer both permanent and occasional discounts. Additionally, special discounts are provided from time to time, and I recommend joining our mailing list to stay informed. You can easily subscribe by creating a free account on the website here.

Typically, all brand-new courses have a 50% discount during their initial release. After the first few days, the prices return to normal, so it's essential to stay informed. To assist you in enrolling in all lessons, we have a dedicated category with discounts, which you can explore here.

After Payment

Once you've made the payment, the website will automatically grant you access to the lessons and the forum page in the background. To maintain organizational clarity, all your active lessons are consolidated in one place. You can find them in 'My Chess Progress' by clicking here.

Personal Trainer

Physical Presence Lessons:

Yes, I can provide lessons with physical presence as long as you are in close proximity to me. The cost is €20 + VAT.

Online Lessons:

Yes, I can provide online lessons. The cost is €20 + VAT.

Group Lessons for Clubs or Schools:

Instead of individual coaching, I prefer conducting group lessons for clubs or schools. The recommended curriculum is the chess series 'The Steps method' from 1 to 6. I have designed, adapted, and enriched each lesson separately (from all the books) so that it can be delivered either in group training or individually.

General Issues

On, we encourage you to contact us. If your question isn't in the FAQ (frequently asked questions), please feel free to send us an email. Either I or a member of my team will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

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