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Chessbase is one of the leading companies that have been active in chess for many years. Its corresponding computer program, ChessBase - that is a chess database - is used by all the powerful chess players. I personally do not know a chess player who has over 1500 ELOs and does not have this program.

07 24

Playchess is an application that allows internet users to play chess with each other. You can click here to see their page. http://en.playchess.com/

You can play chess right from their webpage, but to perform our personal chess training we need to log in to a special room, which called "training and teaching". We can not access it from the play chess website, but only from the application that we can download to our computer.

In the second image, you see the play chess home page. On your right hand, in the second option, you can see in yellow in a box, which says "... or download the Windows desktop client". You see this picture below.

Note: The file is 42 MB.


Step 1

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Alternatively, you can download it by clicking here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzBYuG7FufZhdTdlcEtPbC1aRnc?usp=sharing

Step 2

Once you've downloaded the file, you need to install it on your computer. A new icon, the play chess icon, will appear after installation. Tap on it and if everything goes well then the image you see below will appear.

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On the right-hand side, there is the option "account". Click above and a new icon will appear.

Step 3

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In the new "login ChessBase account" you can create a new online and free account on this page. Click on "create a new account".

A new page will appear on the Internet as you can see in the picture below.

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Unique Nickname: Here put the name you want to see other users on the internet. It may be your name or be another name like Kasparov125.

Note: Famous names may have been taken by other players.

E-mail: You can give your own e-mail address, so in case you forget your password, the ChessBase will be re-sent it to you. Alternatively, you can put any other email address. For example, .

Password: Here you will use any password you want. It can be something that you often use or just click on 123456. In general, we need to be very careful with our codes on the internet, but here we are just talking about a chess game, in which I guess you did not give your real details. So I do not think anyone will hurt you. Of course, the final choice of your password is yours, it is secret and it is good if you are the only person who knows it.

Retype password: In the below box, you can re-enter your password. Please be careful to put exactly the same code.

Note: Please remember this code you entered as well as the Username.

When everything is ready, press OK.

Step 4

07 29

In the above photo, you see the application's home page. Within this page, there are already 4 open windows, but you can keep whatever you want.

Window 1

In the first and largest window, in the top left corner, you see some information. This window, at its top, has the options "info, players, games, world". You can click on the Players tab to see all the players and who are connected.

Window 2

In the top right window, you can see the chat room. If you are connected correctly, the computer will automatically write it in green letters

Window 3

In the third window, at the bottom left, you'll see the challenges - game invitations. This is an important window where you can see the invitations of another game player or my own invitation for a lesson.

In this third window, you can click on seek to invite someone else to play.

The formula will allow you to adjust the level and time you want.

 Window 4

The fourth window is the menu and you find it on the bottom right. There are many options here. In the first "Play and Watch" category, you can play and see games. You can enter the "Main Playing Hall" and play with people from all over the world. Alternatively, you can enter the Children's room, and play with someone you've already planned to play with.

At "Broadcasts" you can see the most important matches made in real chess tournaments. If you're playing a big tournament then ChessBase is relaying it live. You should definitely watch it at some point.

The most important room for chess is "Training and teaching". It's the 9th choice. Click with your mouse and you will be taken to this room.

From window 1, click on players. When you find me with my name Kesaris and a Greek flag, then we can start the chess privet lesson. We will speak from skype and we will show the games from play chess.

This is a quick and effective way to do a lesson without getting stuck on the internet. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Step 5


From the top menu, you can click on an account and then edit user data. From there you will see a new tab with more information about you that you can change.

First name: You can give your name or name or leave it blank. This choice is not so important.

Last name: You can give your surname or name or leave it blank. This choice is not so important.

Country: You can find Greece or your country on the map. There are also some other options in the city, such as Athens, New York, London, Paris, etc.

Change picture: You can upload your photo or a picture of your favorite cartoon or simply leave it blank.

Personal information: You can say a few words about yourself or leave this option blank.

Gender: Here you can click if you are "Mr" for mister, a guy or "Mr / Ms" if you are a Madame, lady. Of course, you can also do nothing.

Birthday: You can fill it in with your birthday or you can leave it blank.

Fide title: Here the titled player adds their title. I suggest to not put anything, firstly because it's not good to lie, and secondly it's shame to state that you're GM and you do not know the basics on Rook endgames...

When you are ready, please click OK.

Training program

You can read more for the training program which you would like to participate: