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Making a privet online lesson, you will be able to watch and study the best personal training format available on the internet. The special lesson concludes:


A) The personal conversation with the coach

B) Questionability

C) Taking notes from the lesson


Technical Information


To start the online rivet lesson, you'll need to take the following steps:


1. Skype

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Lessons are performing via Skype program so we can have voice communication. There is no need for the camera because the coach opens the Skype option "screen sharing", a choice which Skype provides to us, so the student, I mean you, can see my desktop and the chessboard with the moves.

Skype is a computer program, which allows us to talk with our friends, relatives or other important people for free. Please install and upgrade Skype by clicking on the above image showing Skype’s logo.


2. Add me on Skype

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Before our first lesson, we must be connected to skype. You can find me on it with username greco-12 and my name Angelos Kesaris.


3. Check if it Works

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There is a Skype contact on your friend's list, which you call ”Echo / Sound Test Service”. This is a check to see if everything is working properly. Please call it and follow the voice instructions. There you can be sure that headphones and microphone are working properly.


4. Send me Your Games

07 08


It is important to know about you. The best way to find out about you is to see a few of your games. Send us some of your games via email.


5. Tell me a Few Words About You

07 09

There are already two personal training programs, "Beginner's boost" and "Understand Chess as a Strong Player". You can click on them and study the curriculum. To help you, even more, I need to know a few things about you. That is who you are, what your current level of knowledge is and what your goals are.