A very important question is if you need a personal coach or just you can learn everything by yourself.

From my personal experience I by hard that anyone can achieve his own goals, if he tries very hard. However, on the other hand, no one can realize his own dreams by listening pieces of advice from other people.

In order to reply the above mentioned question, we could say that each person has his / her own personal ambitions, which he / she must fight for them; and the personal coach comes to guide and provide the fastest way for this goal.

Your personal trainer has a lot of information and he collected useful knowledge over the years. I was in exactly same position as you are now and I know exactly what you need to do and train in order to become a stronger player.

The coach's job is very serious and at the same time is very difficult. The duties and tasks of the coach require a multidimensional education, special abilities and willingness to plan in order to produce serious work.

The coach's job, as we know, is characterized by continuous decision-making. He is the person who will decide on the training and strategy method. However, his decisions are mainly about the actions of other people, especially chess players, it is very important to be accepted from them.

What exactly does the coach do?

The personal coach comes to fill in the gaps which appears from the team training from club classes. The training program is personalized on each different student, to you, according to your personal chess level and needs. The coach is not just a teacher. he should not just do his lesson for 1 hour and then say "good bye" but just understand your problems and needs.
He is the man who has many examples of every different chess theme and he will be taught you to in details in order to fully understand it.

Personal trainer tasks

Encourage and set your goals

To help you do more than you would do by yourself. To motivate you go one more step forward
Help you to focus on specific points, so you can achieve your goals quicker.
Provide you with the necessary "tools," support, and background in order to achieve more.
Develop a personal training program
Live online lessons
Give you tasks - homework exercises
To answer your questions that will arise via e-mail
Check your last job, and give you advice on your future games
Prepare your next online lesson based on your training plan and your current needs (identified during points 1 and 5-6)
Think about your overall progress and make the necessary adjustments to your training program
Schedule your participation in tournaments
Keep track of your current chess training (reading chess news, watching major tournaments, watching new fashion trends, new openings, etc)
A personal chess coach should perform all these tasks regularly, even if he has only 1 lesson a week!

Workouts of the coach

Play 60 to 100 official chess games over 1 year

Follow the training program
The Ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus use to say "Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety."
You may have the feeling that there are only a few things that you should make as a trainee, but in the reality, you need discipline, consistency and hard work.


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