By reading chess material on the internet, chess books, watching videos, etc., you can become a good player with a capacity of about 1800 ELO. But what if your capacity sticks to this level and you can not make progress?

This personal curriculum is right for you!

Workout from your home can facilitate many things:

You can choose the most suitable time that suits you.
You can avoid losing time, the "dead" time on the trafic before and after the lesson.
In the individual lesson, the coach focuses only on you and only on the weaknesses of your own game.

It is Right for You?

The course is aimed at players with an ELO capacity of 1600 and above it.

Lesson Duration

The lesson is divided into teaching hours. An instructional hour per week is enough to see your game improve from the very first month. Each teaching time lasts 60 minutes.

Training Program

During the privet chess lesson, you can see games of very high strategic importance. We will concentrate on pawn structure and the correct exchanges of the pieces. At each teaching session, approximately two strategic games are presented. During the games, you will be asked to find the best move at the critical moments.

The duration of the courses is 10 teaching hours.

Note: The course schedule can be tailored to the needs of the student.

Cost of the Lessons

The cost of the course is 15 euros per hour. That is, total = 150 €

But if you get the course package today you will only pay € 100. There is a 50 (!) € discount.

If you would like to start the specific training program, please contact us by clicking here!